A Team

Matthieu Bastianel, Jean-Bertrand Beaudet, Rémi Carles, Thomas Juzanx and Jean Tuffier (the "Simple Ermahgerd" team) are students at Exia.cesi school (France). Their common purpose : to conquer the world. For real. I swear.

A competition

The Game Jam is a friendly competition organized by the School of Creative Technologies, University of Portsmouth. Teams composed of 3 to 6 persons must develop a game in a short period of time (4 days in this case), and the game must use 3 themes randomly choosed on Wikipedia.

A game

The team finally created an absurd game you can play on this page. Simple Ermahgerd wanted to interperate and mix all the themes "Snake", "COST" and "Pattes d'eph et col roulé" in the funniest way, using an original concept.

News (February 18th 2013) "The Horrible Snake from the Future (...)" wins the Exia.Cesi Game Jam 2012, thanks to your support; Thank you, all of you!
News (January 22th 2013) Votes for the national contest are now open ! Go on this page to vote!
News (December 14th 2012) "The Horrible Snake from the Future (...)" finally wins the 1st place of the Game Jam at Exia.Cesi of Bordeaux!

The scary synopsis

What do you have to do?

What do you do?

Because of the fact that this is a video game, it has to be violent and bloody. Consequently, the goal is simple: you are a snake from the future, on top of the COST building, and you have to push the scientists into the void before they make you fall. OH MY GOD!

How to play?

flèches directionnelles Crawl on the roof with the keyboard arrows.
multo Place the reticle on your targets with the mouse.
clic gauche "Pviou pviou !" = left click.
Ctrl Every 200 points, let explode your enemies!

The bonuses of Death!

Every 15 seconds, you will benefit or suffer from random events, such as:

  • Black out!
  • Big Boss!
  • Explosion!
  • Mega shoot!
  • Shoot foireux! (Crappy shots)
  • Need Ammo!



The developers

The "Simple Ermahgerd" team gathers :

The technologies


Unity is a cross-platform game engine and IDE developed by Unity Technologies, targeting web plugins, desktop platforms and mobile devices.

Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

Wikipédia (en)
Elbow grease

Yeah, for real!

Napoléon Bonaparte

The people we thank

We want to thank Ian Cant, for his precious help (despite his allergy to tomatoes) and his good mood ! We also thank Neil Dansey and Andy Bain who organize the Game Jam, and all the staff of Exia.Cesi of Bordeaux.

Finally, a big thanks to Sarah Connor who saved us twice.